Weird Worlds v1.06.000

Posted by Denise H Baker on Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Weird Worlds v1.06.000

: 2.2

: Ever looked sky , exploring ?

Have how amazingly cool be life forms other than carbon-based man, what they say, warm particle vortex cannon?

If you've answered yes above then Weird Worlds: Return Space you!

Weird Worlds takes down starship captain intergalactic hero known galaxies! Set yet unvisited region galaxy where anything , Weird Worlds lets new worlds, meet exotic aliens, discover black holes, witness , encounter drifting space hulks untold riches death, , much more!

Unlike many other games kind, Weird Worlds plays conclusion than thirty minutes – it’s lunch break game!

Please Note: T tablet resolutions.

What's Weird Worlds v1.06.000 : (Updated : Mar 28, 2013)

Weird Worlds v1.06.000 starship explosion effect

Weird Worlds v1.06.000 positioning quest related dialog boxes

Performance improvements



Weird Worlds v1.06.000 Instructions: Weird Worlds v1.06.000d

Weird Worlds v1.06.000:

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