Lightning Browser + 2.4

Posted by Denise H Baker on Thursday, April 18, 2013
Lightning Browser + 2.4

Lightning Browser + 2.4: 2.2+

Lightning Browser + 2.4: Browser Paid

Powerful Web Browser Size

Lightning Browser + 2.4 Lightning Browser + 2.4 doesn't have

Unlimited Tabs

Unlimited Bookmarks


Lightning Browser + 2.4 :

Holo Interface

Supports Froyo

Tabbed Internet Browsing

Supports Adobe Flash Player

Fast Start Times

Small Footprint

Fast Browsing

Smooth Scrolling

Higher Benchmarks than Chrome (tested Nexus 7)

Enjoy Lightning Browser, one smallest browsers around. a high-performance small-sized browser built who don't want slowness . Currently best tablet, but be optimized sized screens soon. I t often (I am a student...). T my most major app release 'm proud work, so if ANY problems, PLEASE contact me. I always respond, contacted before know... 'm nice :)


Long-press a tab it

Long-press button

What's Lightning Browser + 2.4 :

NOTE: I am rewriting browser so there be any time (hopefully a little less than a month).


- Lightning Browser + 2.4 weird rendering bug

- Reloading tabs longer uses data if help it


- Lightning Browser + 2.4 5 tab limit (thanks out , Patrick), very sorry, late was tired when I published . Email me if anything else wrong :)




Download : Lightning Browser + 2.4 Instructions: Released by : chathu_ac

Mirror Lightning Browser + 2.4:

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