Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4

Posted by Denise H Baker on Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Trial Clone v1.0.1.4

: 2.0.1

: ou clone raised mysterious Silene Monks!

Once galaxy, they since been superseded technology. spend most time hanging out video games.

But clone brothers. been chosen special destiny. Make decisions 'll complete , explore a universe full , yourself a hero. Make decisions 'll be dead. Really dead. Its hard just how dead be. So here's a pre tip: try decisions."

Written Weinersmith, creator hilarious award-winning comic strip 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal'.

You're a clone who sets out cold, uncaring, but also kickass futuristic world, solving challenging puzzles monsters along . It's like D&D who cool people!

Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4:

Wil Wheaton voice over! Listen Wheaton whisper things like "love", "Plasmaster", "moral ambiguity", and "disappointment" in ear.

All new death endings, written himself. print book!

Achievements throughout

Play following all , all !

Trial clone brought using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

An automated Adventure Sheet track .

Artwork gallery. Find gamebook able -screen forever.

Bookmarking system which saves gamebook, much like putting between page when reading !

Specially composed soundtrack

Landscape support devices

What's Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4 : (Updated : Apr 15, 2013)

Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4 a problem where random number wheels would make sound even sound off

added support menu button Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4

Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4 where Wil would start over when

Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4 where zooming would sometimes make them too big screen them off.

As always, if any issues I best I can, just send me contact link!



Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4 Instructions: Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4d

Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.4:

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