Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot v1.0

Posted by Denise H Baker on Monday, December 24, 2012
Revenge Rob-O-Bot v1.0 2.3+

: Android 2.2+

: Classic pinball best; fantastic physics, great sound gameplay!

Revenge Rob-O-Bot pinball best; physical feel, great sound gameplay. b from its years arcades, should be.

Rob-O-Bot Femtopia laying waste once peaceful city future. No-one knows why he comes from. It’s. Just help Bazooka Commandrix Betty from destruction! ...But beware, -O-Bot !!

- Fast-paced gameplay physics

- 5 challenging missions through

- Fantastic visuals light shows

- Great retro display animations

- 5 balls multiball

- 10 evil Rob-O-Bots

- Tons , bonuses

- Tilt, be be careful overdo it

- Global high score list

Designed Monkey, powered.


There “one way” a pinball game. Most things give trying .

Shoot everything, especially blinking arrows. Combos best . ’t forget ‘cause certainly give lot end.

goal defeat Rob-O-Bot do completing all . There start them controll. If a mission, control opened. H, .

Good luck!

Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot v1.0

- Use one flipper time

- After you've flipped, drop back down immediately

-, don't flip any to

- Push upwards

- Watch



Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot v1.0 Instructions:

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