Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1

Posted by Denise H Baker on Monday, December 10, 2012
Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1

: 2.2+

: IRON FIST BOXING original real-time 3D MMA fighting

Now fully optimized 400 MP (Galaxy)

IRON FIST BOXING original real-time 3D MMA fighting Android. totally revamped sa system, a longer career mode, modes, characters than ever. Click why get IRON FIST BOXING now !

T it. WOW!, Kicking butt.



Iron fist boxing ’n iPhone bruis’n




“T , think Real Racing! engine . I hardly ever give 5 starts trust me, so far deserves it. I’m buying Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 now. If t made other big developer, t be top 25, I’m pretty sure.”

- Ameri

Today, you’ve decided career new level. Training hard World circuit, ache pummel bag, building , focus ’ll need .

Nothing one else exists moment, it’s just gloves slapping . You’re going champ if you. might.

Iron Fist Boxing original, real-time 3D MMA fighting app. Don’t be fooled, if authentic, heart-racing action, incredible next generation graphics absolute ultimate challenge.

T pushes , offering different: It’s non-stop action, all , train, spar friend out fight career.

You’ll experience high quality audio -time 3D graphics never been seen before.

Regardless device you’re using, views screen, easy multitouch controls, may give unfair advantage over opponent.

There! characters fast-action game. They all combat styles throwing few other disciplines : Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler Contact.

You’ve got cut out, if , better start training now. , Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 many super moves .

Game Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1:

• Experience high quality audio time 3D 2.2.

• Enjoy 6: Story mode, sparring, training Bag training, Punching Bag training -o-Meter.

• Story mode: Experience a new world career, Canada, Thailand, .

• Training mode: Train yourself Story mode.

• Speed bag mode: H speed bag can.

• Punching bag: H punching bag given same sequence.

• Punch-o-Meter: Hold / iPod can.

• Sparring mode: Fight against a random fighter.

• Play 32 characters combat styles : Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler Contact.

• Gain access Worldwide online score board 100 .

• Gain access costumes attacks.

• New camera views, characters move ring, many super moves added.

What's Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1: (Updated : Dec 6, 2012)

always improving compatibility: notice update:

Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 stability performance

Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 support play mode

Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 some animation issues during KO

Updated 4.2

Iron Fist Boxing v4.2.1 credits page over page resolution.



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