WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3

Posted by Denise H Baker on Monday, November 18, 2013
WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3

WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3: Android v2.1+

WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3: Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection quality graphical channel radar. Discover open networks around you.

Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection quality graphical channel radar. Discover open networks around you.

Includes home screen WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3: one displays detailed connection info, another lets among networks single tap, another toggles WiFi Access Point.

New :

• Better graphics, including a dark color theme;

• Assign descriptions WiFi networks - never forget what that "XYZ1234" network is;

• Switch among networks single tap Network Switcher widget. even enable WiFi if needed.

• Automatic switching between fixed (DHCP) IP addresses (Android Settings.* can't do this);

Some WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 require purchase the $1.75 premium package, available right application through Google Checkout (safe, secure).

These WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 are: advanced per-network options (description, icon, IP address), -tap network widget, widget themes inspired 4.0.

All - essential - WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3: connection info (four sizes, two free themes), scanning , list view, signal radar. f000h

Orders be reactivated after a phone reset / flash, a new phone.

WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 requested permissions:

"Change system settings" between fixed IP addresses, if configured so.

"Prevent phone from sleeping" so enable automatic scanning open networks around you.

"Market billing service" purchases.


Since WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 2.5, supports per-network IP address server settings 3.* / 4.*, included free WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 .


Google provides no way . If question, please contact me at kmansoft@gmail.com (email shown WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 box ).


Also - a visually matching Bluetooth toggle widget. Find under "Related" and "Developer Info".

Recent changes:

*** Crashes after updating? Uninstall / reinstall often helps.


New feature: s network (among already configured). Disabled, please see app settings.

WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 EAP (802.11x) networks 4.3.

Added a setting for "exit" button: disable WiFi.

WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 "open first" network sorting.

An option detailed WiFi state status bar notification, off, see app settings.

High res graphics-HD phones (Samsung S4, etc.)


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Note: all premium WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.3 available.




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