2Do: To do List | Task List v1.4.8

Posted by Denise H Baker on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
2Do: List | Task List v1.4.8: Android 2.2+

2Do: List | Task List v1.4.8: 2Do: Tasks Done

From a checklist -blown project management

From a simple checklist -blown project management, 2Do incredibly powerful task manager 's important. Zero complication. Zero frustration. Just a stunning list finally underst use. :

★ Projects & Checklists containing sub-tasks simple Todo list

★ Repeating ToDos dates

★ Tabbed Calendars / Folders organization

★ Hide-arrange calendars

★ Password Protection: Lock all picked Calendars

★ Drag & Drop tasks from Calendars

★ Smart Calendars: Dynamic lists based searches optional dynamic date range

★ Powerful date range searching

★ Easy sorting, calendars, priority, status, title sorting

★ Scheduling using Start Date & Time

★ Tags: create keyword tags; search contacts tags

★ Alarms: Easily create multiple alarms per task

★ Attach Photos tasks using Gallery

★ Instant Previews: Preview notes pictures from list single tap

★ Focus: Quick toggle between refined 'focus' list from any view

★ Actions: attach contacts 'action' information

★ Starred Tasks

★ Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share

★ Multiple Themes: Graphite, Wood, Leather, Fabric, Grass, Pink Fabric

★ Share Todos

★ Optimized unlimited number calendars per calendar

★ Backup & Restore: Create easy backups database from one time

★ Flexible task manager: Use GTD (Getting Things Done) principals, Franklin Covey very own

★ Much, much more.


Android-to-Android -to-iOS sync through Toodledo coming soon; Dropbox sync

What's 2Do: To do List | Task List v1.4.8 :


* Search using AND, e.g. 'home', 'shop '

* Launch time optimizations


* 2Do: To do List | Task List v1.4.8 able due dates greater than two years

* Crash fixes improvements

Dedicated 2Do Help/Tips Feed:







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