mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3

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Leave pocket /receive SMS text messages tablet. inbox phone.


★ Send text messages tablet

★ Automatically sync all texts between , tablet

★ Free texting mysms users

*** PLEASE NOTE: T self-contained. able mysms, mysms installed iPhone, Windows Phone smartphone. Depending smartphone, supported mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3 may vary. Please check mysms smartphone app. ***

Just follow steps ’ll be way:

Step 1) Install mysms smartphone .

Here links:

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:

Windows Marketplace:

Step 2) Start tablet application .

mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3 :

- Send text messages tablet

- Receive text messages directly tablet

- Sync SMS text messages between smartphone, tablet computer

- Unlimited free texts mysms users

- Remote SMS: Send SMS text messages online tablet via carrier (Android Phone users only)

- Notifications messages tablet

- Mulitimedia: Send pictures

- No new number: mysms uses phone number

- SMS backup

- Save texts

T text messenger app tablet. No typing smartphone! Download : mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3 mysms tablet texting from . mysms uses mobile number, contacts text messages from phone.

mysms available app current browsers Mac, Windows, Chrome .


We’re always happy from you! Do a suggestion? A question? A problem using ? Just send to ’ll get back .

reach, Twitter @mysms +

Whats New:

* New theme: Check out our new dark theme . Simply go preferences theme


Download : mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3

Mirror mysms Tablet - Text anywhere v1.3

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