Granny Smith v1.2.0

Posted by Denise H Baker on Thursday, November 22, 2012
Granny Smith v1.2.0

Requirement:android 2.3+


Catch thief!

From !

"Mediocre themselves mobile gaming scene, once again, h out ballpark." [Phandroid]

"Gaming app day" [Kotaku]

"Another great looking release from crew, one hours without a steep learning curve" [JayIsGames]

"Buying Smith buck you'll spend t" [Android Central]

Granny Smith loves her apples, but a bewheeled thief from her precious garden! Help Mrs. Smith swiftly skates through farml cityscapes, crashing through everything from barns pursu fruit. Get apples before does!

Granny Smith fast-paced racing platformer filled crashes stunts. Jump, glide, swing through 48 hand-crafted levels distinct settings. Just be sure feet!

Granny Smith v1.2.0:

* Spectacular physics – Granny Smith uses some most advanced destruction physics games. Crash through crates fly all over!

* Dazzling visuals – Zoom through dozens , whimsical worlds! a fanciful, three-dimensional storybook.

* Intuitive controls – Help Granny pull off crazy moves two-button controls – perfect tablets .

* Vintage replays – Watch runs movie style camera angles -motion effects!

* Power Granny up – Collect coins Granny helmet, banana peels . If Granny old, two alternative characters with – Scruffy !

* Additional breakable objects, grass, flowers particles Tegra 3 devices.

With thief loose, Granny some help. Hop !

What's Granny Smith v1.2.0:

* Nine new bonus levels

* Hard mode players



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